Teaching Preschools Part One

Photo by Lucas Alexander on Unsplash

Preschoolers love order. Wait… what so you are telling me that they aren’t like the kids from Toy Story 3? Where they enter the daycare room and destroy all the toys. Lick, throw, and wack the toys everywhere. Well yes, they are like that when they see “new toy.”

Believe it or not but preschool kids love order. Yet, that what a kid's mind goes through when you as a teacher don’t follow the routine. So basically make your own routine. For example, we start by praying, then reading, after that arts and crafts, and finally praying before dismissal. But all of a sudden you are like bye kiddos. You know for a fact that kid is going to raise their hand and be like “Ms. Emily that’s wrong you forgot to pray.” Kids love order.

On the very first day that you teach make sure you give a strict vibe. So they know to follow the rules. Because if you come with a chill vibe they are going to act however they want to.

Kids at this age don’t love to be tale-tellers but instead, love to follow the rules. They don’t mean to be that. They want to make us proud of them and award them. All kids want approval for the good things they are doing. Children need your love, protection, and care because remember you don’t know what is going on at home. Maybe their parents aren’t giving it to them so is your job as a teacher to try your best to provide it to them.



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