How Do I Stop My Two Kids From Fighting?

Photo by yang miao on Unsplash

We have seen that War has not solved any conflict. We have two World Wars and we still have no peace. But have the conscience that you can solve sibling rivalry. Sorry for the caption picture hopefully the problem is not severe as that picture. This article is about younger children because I work with preschool.

Your children during this stage of development are fascinated by the real. So whatever you tell them they will believe. For example, the tooth fairy comes to get your teeth in exchange for money. As a parent, it is your job to teach them not to hit and not yell. Absolutely no crying because when children start crying you won’t understand them with their stuffed noses with boogers. They want to be told what to do and from there they will follow the rules. As time goes on they won’t want to follow the rules but when they are at this age tell them from wrong and right. Basically having rules of what kids can or can’t do makes the problem easier to solve.

The number one rule is to be calm and relaxed. I know that is can be hard to be calm when the kids are annoying but trust me when they see you angry. You are just giving them an example to follow. They can also take it as an advantage and be like, “Oh mom really took my IPad…I will do that one thing that annoys her.” I am not saying children are cruel but middle schoolers tend to follow that behavior. Don’t scream at them especially do not cuss at them. This behavior will impact these children so think before you speak. Don’t take sides or be a lawyer. No one wins or loses an argument but we learn instead.

You either separate them or put them together. I find it helpful when they hold hands because they feel uncomfortable to the point they reconcile. Make them do something they hate like cleaning or go outside to solve the problem once you do come inside. Do not try this with preschool because you always have to keep an eye on them. But try this with older kids. Separation only works with preschoolers because they can forgive the problem easily. When working at a summer camp with preschool all of them were boys. They will fight in the playground about a toy car. I separate them and the next thing you know they were sitting and eating lunch together. It is wonderful how this age forgives easily. They go from “You are not invited to my birthday party…you are mean” to “My Mom say you can come over.” Friends can solve a problem easier than siblings. But it shouldn’t be like this because siblings are the people they will see each other at home. They need to be each other life coaches and best of friends.



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